The Truth Is It Will Never Work Out With The Wrong Ones

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The truth is they’re just not meant to be yours. They’re not meant to be the ones to stay in your life for some insane, inexplicable reason and maybe we should be okay with not knowing why right away and focus on accepting this reality because trying to change it will only do more harm than good.

Because no matter what you do, it still won’t work out.

You can mold yourself into what this person wants you to be and you can do everything by the book and listen to all the love coaches out there but you still won’t be able to get the kind of commitment you want from the wrong person. You won’t be able to get the kind of respect you want from the wrong person. You won’t be able to feel loved or feel good enough or on cloud nine when you’re with the wrong person.

You can tell yourself that love is not perfect and you’re okay with not getting the kind of love you want exactly. You will convince yourself that you’re okay with settling or lowering your standards but your frustration and anxiety will creep up on you at 2 AM in the morning when you’re tossing and turning in bed wondering if they will wake up the next day and leave you. Wondering if they’re just busy or they’re being distant because there’s someone else. You’ll never sleep peacefully again when you’re with the wrong person because every night will remind you of how you really don’t trust them and how you know that they’re just waiting for a reason to leave.

You can wait for them to be ready, be patient with them and continue being their friend and they could still fall for someone else. You can play all your cards right and you still won’t win because simply they don’t want you the way you want them and they don’t feel the way you feel and they will always be ten steps behind you.

The wrong ones will never meet you halfway or be on the same page. You’ll always be ahead, you’ll always be doing the work for them, you’ll always feel that without you, there’s no balance, there’s no relationship, it’s mostly one-sided. It’s mostly you doing all the work.

The truth is you can always tell the difference between someone who’s invested and someone who has one foot out of the door ready to just run at the first sign of trouble. You can always tell the difference between someone who tries to meet you halfway and someone who expects you to go out of your way all the time. You can always tell the difference between someone who is trying to keep you in their life and someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

The truth is the wrong ones don’t care about losing you. Their lives go on with or without you. They don’t think you add anything special to their lives.

The truth is the wrong ones will never see your beauty or your greatness or your strength. They’ll always look for something else. They’ll always make you feel invisible. And you deserve someone who sees you. Someone who makes you feel alive. Someone who doesn’t make it a challenge to get close to them. Someone who makes love look somewhat easy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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