I’m Slowly Learning That Everything Will Eventually Make Sense

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I’m slowly learning that when your tears dry, your eyes will finally see the truth. Your eyes will finally uncover the truth you were so blind to see or believe. They will show you what really matters. Why things happened the way they did and why we sometimes we need to cry to finally wash away all the lies we told ourselves.

I’m slowly learning that when the pain goes away, you will understand the lesson. You’ll understand the purpose. You’ll understand why you had to go through things the hard way or why you were the chosen one. You’ll eventually use your pain wisely. You’ll eventually understand that your pain made you a better person. Your pain will be a blessing in disguise. 

I’m slowly learning that if you have faith in God, things will make more sense. You won’t be so hung up on your mistakes or your failures or your exes. You won’t get so attached to timing and plans and goals. You won’t be so distraught over closed doors or ending or goodbyes. You’ll simply learn how to roll with the punches and how to live without expecting everything to go your way.

I’m slowly learning that things that didn’t work out will eventually work out. In another year, with another person, in a different city, in an unexpected way. Nothing remains the same forever. You won’t always be stuck in a rut. You won’t always feel lost. You won’t always be lonely. You won’t always feel like you don’t belong. There’s a time for everything and when your time comes, you’ll have your moment. You’ll be granted your wishes. You will be happy.

I’m slowly learning that life is not supposed to be easy and it’s not always supposed to add up but somehow it works out. Somehow it pieces itself back together after falling apart. Somehow it makes sense after driving you completely insane. Somehow it brings you calm and serenity after showering you with so many storms. TC mark

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