I’d Rather Hear Your Voice Again

Brooke Cagle

They say all the right things.
I meet them all the time.
I have a great time with them
but then I go home and think of you

I’d rather hear your voice again.

They make me feel happy for a little while.
I pretend like I have forgotten about you.
I don’t mention your name.
I don’t tell your story but honestly,

I’d rather tell your story again.

Sometimes they even sing for me
and I fall in love with their songs.
It’s a song I haven’t heard before
but then I go home and sing our song

I’d rather hear your song again.

Sometimes they leave without a word
and you’d think it would hurt me
but it doesn’t even get to me anymore.
I don’t even think about them when they’re gone.

I’d rather think of you again.

Sometimes they fall in love with me.
They promise me forever.
They promise to always be there.
Still, I can’t get myself to fall for them.

I’d rather fall in love with you again.

Sometimes I just like being alone.
It’s better than settling.
Better than being with the wrong person.
So I choose to be alone but honestly,

I’d rather be alone with you again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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