I No Longer Want Closure

Nick Karvounis

I no longer want answers.
I no longer want explanations.
I no longer want to know why
things have ended.
I don’t want to look back.
I don’t want to return to the past.
I don’t want to remember the pain.
I just want to move forward.
Maybe closure is overrated,
it doesn’t really help you move on.
It just makes you think again.
It makes you want to change yourself.
It makes you want to go back and fix things.
It makes you question yourself.
It fuels your insecurities.
It doesn’t help you feel any better.
Because closure only matters
when the person is truly sorry,
when the person is asking for another chance,
when the person regrets leaving you.
Otherwise, it’s all the same —
it’s just words,
it’s just excuses,
it’s just lies.
I no longer want closure.
I want commitment.
I no longer want answers.
I want actions.
I no longer want reasons.
I want honesty.
Closure doesn’t matter
if the person is not coming back.
Closure doesn’t define you.
You are your closure.
You are the answer.
You don’t need anyone
defining your value.
You don’t anyone
putting a discount on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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