I Hope You Find Yourself Again

Afa Ah Loo

I hope you remember who you were
before your heartbreak
and your pain
and all the mess inside your heart.

I hope you remember the days you believed —
the days nothing stopped you from trying,
when you weren’t afraid of taking any risks
and you weren’t afraid of falling.

I hope you remember how fearless you were
and how you looked fear in the eye,
when you never looked away
and never let self-doubt win.

I hope you clearly see the difference
and how you give up too easily now.
You don’t even try anymore.
You don’t go after what you want.

You just sit there and watch life pass you by.
Lost between making things happen
or just letting them be —
waiting for a sign to help you move.

I hope you remember the times you dared.
The times you didn’t wait for a sign.
The times you jumped in with both feet.
The times you felt alive.

I hope you find your old self again
because I know you’re not happy
and I know you miss who you used to be
and you don’t even recognize who you are anymore.

I hope you find your happiness again.
I hope pain doesn’t change you forever.
I hope you know that everything is temporary
and you can become whole again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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