Even If You Have A Soft Heart, You Should Be Picky With Who You Give It To

Yaroslav Blokhin

Even if you have a soft heart, even if you’re born to just give love more than you will receive it and even if you are the person that everyone takes for granted because they know your heart will always take them back, your heart will always forgive the unforgivable and your heart will always give them a another chance, you can still be a little bit tougher. You can still be a little bit harder on people. You can still do things just to protect your own damn heart. Just to safeguard it from those who only want to destroy it.

Because having a soft heart doesn’t mean you should drop your standards or stop having limits or let everything go without setting boundaries. 

Having a soft heart doesn’t mean you should allow people to walk all over you or think they can just walk in and out of your life whenever they please or treat you like you’re secondary or make you feel stupid for trusting them.

Having a soft heart doesn’t mean you keep seeing the best in someone when they’re not showing you or believing in a potential they haven’t yet reached. Having a soft heart doesn’t mean others are entitled to do to you what they wish wouldn’t be done to them.

Having a soft heart doesn’t mean that people should treat you like they’re better or more important than you.

The truth is not everyone deserves your soft heart, not everyone deserves the same love and kindness you give to the ones who actually earned it, the ones who proved their love and loyalty to you time and time again and the ones you can truly count on. Your soft heart should be reserved for the ones who are just as soft with you. The ones who don’t want to break your heart. The ones who protect you from those trying to fool you. The ones who tell you your heart is fragile and you shouldn’t just throw it away to anyone.

And I want you to believe them because they know what you don’t know. They see what you don’t see. They can tell who appreciates your heart and who doesn’t even understand it.

Because trust me, the more you give your soft heart to the wrong ones, the more your heart will lose its essence. It will no longer understand what it means to be soft. It will no longer give without caution. It will get harder with every heartbreak. It will forget what it means to love unconditionally.

So protect it, your soft heart doesn’t have to belong to everyone. It should only belong to a few people. It should only beat for the ones who make it softer. Stay away from those who make you want to change your heart. Your soft heart is rare and beautiful but it also shouldn’t let anyone in. It should also learn when it’s time to take the softness away and when it’s time to turn cold. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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