Here’s To All The Times We Got It Wrong

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Here’s to all the words we left unsaid,
and the lies we told instead.
Here’s to all the texts we left unanswered
because our pride was more important.

Here’s to all the times we held on
when we should’ve let go.
Here’s to all the times we believed
that we could change hearts.

Here’s to all the times we fought so hard
for a losing battle
and the times we broke our own hearts
going after the ones who don’t want us.

Here’s to the days we spent waiting
for a text or a call that never came.
Here’s to the nights we spent crying
over people who never shed a tear over us.

Here’s to all the times we got it wrong,
loving those who never cared,
wanting those who are unavailable,
trying to catch those who run away.

Here’s to all the times we forgot our own worth
and forgot what kind of love we’re looking for.
Here’s to all the times we gave up on love
and settled for almosts and maybes.

Here’s to all the lessons we learned
and the mistakes we made.
They taught us how to love ourselves
and walk away from those who can’t.

They taught us that the wrong things
could lead us to the right things.
That maybe we got it wrong before
but we’re going to get it right someday.TC mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


Rania Naim

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