Why Being The ‘Youngest’ One In Your Family Can Teach You How To Live Your Best Life

Julian Santa Ana

When you’re the youngest one in your family, you’re always expected to follow instead of lead, to listen instead of speak, to say yes instead of no and to obey rather than dispute.

When you’re the youngest, you’re always the first to be blamed because you’re still figuring things out, you don’t know what’s right or wrong, it’s always going to be your fault because you’re not as wise or as experienced as your older siblings.

When you’re the youngest, you pay the price of your sibling’s previous mistakes, you’re given a lot of restrictions because your parents are not ready to witness what they witnessed with your older siblings again. So they stop you before you even try. They make you fear things you shouldn’t fear. They make up unreasonable rules because they’re looking for their own peace of mind instead of your personal growth. 

When you’re the youngest, everything you do is scrutinized and judged, everything you say is frowned upon and your life becomes a struggle to be heard, to be understood, to prove your character and to show your family that you don’t want to live in their shadow and you don’t want to live their story.

When you’re the youngest, your life becomes a constant battle of comparisons, comparing you to your siblings, comparing you to your cousins, comparing you to the list of all the accomplished people who are older than you and you always feel like you’re falling short, like you’re not good enough, like you’ll never be on their level.

But when you’re the youngest, you see the world differently. You see it with more colorful and hopeful eyes. You’re the dreamer, the black sheep, and the rebel. You’re the one who can see a glimpse of a brighter future and you aspire to live a different life, a non-traditional life, a life free of judgments, comparisons, rules, and restrictions. A life of endless possibilities. 

When you’re the youngest, you learn from a very young age how to fight for your voice, how to fight for your freedom and how to fight for a better life. A life of your own, a life of individuality, a life of freedom and you fight to be around people who understand you, people who make you feel like you belong and people who show you that there’s more to life than being the youngest kid, more to life than being someone who’s always expected to follow or always expected to obey. You find your true self. You live a life you truly enjoy.

When you’re the youngest, you will always know how to take the shots life throws at you and play with them. You will not be afraid to take the road less traveled. You will always be searching for a life of thrill and excitement. You will always learn how to ignore the naysayers and you will always run a little faster than those who are trying to pull you backward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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