To The People Who Are Now Nothing But Old Mistakes

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To the ones who came into our lives to show us that we deserve better, we deserve more and we deserve love.

To the ones who treated us so poorly and made us realize that we don’t have to tolerate that kind of treatment no matter how much we love someone.

To the ones who showed us that love alone is never enough. That words without actions are useless.

To the ones who taught us how to move on, how to let go, how to love ourselves with or without them.

To the ones who gave us so little when we gave a lot, the ones who took much more from us than we did from them, the ones who made us cry when all we wanted was to make them smile.

To the ones who are always going to be bad examples, the ones who made us suffer, the ones who stole pieces of our hearts and broke them and the ones who almost made our hearts harder by breaking it time after time.

You are now nothing but old memories, old news, and old mistakes. You are now nothing even though you were once everything.

You are now the reason why we’re wiser, why we’re stronger, why we’re smarter and why we’re resilient.

You are now the lessons we learned the hard way to make better decisions and live a better life.

You are now the toxic people we let go so we can revive our souls and our peace of mind.

You are now the painful part of the past that we no longer revisit.

You are now the people who are dead to us and the people we no longer want to talk to.

You are now the people we see and pretend like we don’t know.

You are now the people who proved to us that some people leave so better people can stay.

You are now a bunch of dumb mistakes we associate with a time of reckless decisions and irrational choices.

You only exist as living proof that we can survive, that we’re better off without you, that we’re enough on our own and that we don’t need your love to be happy.

You only exist as a reminder to count your departure as one of our blessings.

You only exist as a reminder that our mistakes don’t define us and that we’ll always be bigger and better than our mistakes and the people who hurt us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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