I Hate How Timing Is Never On Our Side

Dane Deaner

I hate our timing. I hate how our timing never aligns. I hate how we never overlap.

You’re always single when I’m taken and I’m always taken when you’re single.

You’re always ready when I’m confused and I’m always ready when you’re still trying to figure your life out.

You’re always trying when I’ve given up and I’m always trying when you’re not letting anyone in.

I’m tired of our story. I’m tired of our timing. I’m tired of hearing that we’re not meant to be.

Why can’t we just make it right? Why can’t we just adjust our clocks so we can be on the same time?

I feel like our timing is off but we also keep finding each other over and over again. We keep slipping back into each other’s lives like there’s still something more, like maybe the timing was wrong but now it’s right. Maybe we’ve changed enough to stand against timing so it doesn’t stand in our way again.

Sometimes I think that it’s really not about timing but maybe we just need more time.…together.

More time to understand the differences, more time to talk about what went wrong, more time to get to know all the details that we were so afraid to share. Maybe now I’ll be braver because I want you to stay and maybe now you’ll be more open to staying because you’re tired of leaving.

Maybe this time, timing will be on our side. Maybe this is it.

And if it’s not meant to be, then at least we’ll know for sure. At least we can say we didn’t let timing stop us again, we didn’t make excuses, we found reasons.

Because I can’t help but wonder if timing was on our side all this time but we were just too blind to see it, too young to understand it and too dumb to realize that we can do something about it.

What if timing was always on our side and that’s why it keeps coming back and reminding us that our story is not over yet.

Maybe all our story needs is more time and less timing. More actions and fewer words. More reasons and no more excuses. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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