Wait For The One Who Helps You Heal

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Wait for the one who doesn’t always know what to say but always knows what to do. The one who stays after everyone has left to help you clean or just listen to you talk about your night and what kind of week you have ahead.

Wait for the one who may not be the loudest or the funniest one in the room but who knows how to quiet your insecurities, silence your fears and makes you unafraid of opening up, unafraid of saying too much and unafraid of pushing him away. Wait for the one who would rather listen to your deepest secrets than try to win everyone over by his noise.

Wait for the one who doesn’t care about having options or a number of girls waiting for him because he’s more interested in quality, in spending time with someone he can see himself with, someone he can talk to, lean on and build a strong relationship with. Someone who wants a best friend and a lover. Someone who may not be fully ready but he wants to try. He wants to give his all to someone like you.

Wait for the one who slowly makes you forget about heartbreak and rejection, someone who makes you forget about all the texting games you used to play, how you used to overthink every word and wait for a few hours to text back. Someone who makes you forget about men who played you, men who led you on, men who showed interested then fell back, men who took you out on one date and never followed up and men who never really showed up, men who never proved to you that they care or that they’re actually afraid of losing you.

Wait for the one who renews your faith in men because he’s showing you how you should be treated, he’s showing you that you’re not going to always be ignored or neglected, he’s showing that you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else and he’s showing you that you are important. Your conversations are important. Your feelings are important.

Because we’d be lying to ourselves if we say we don’t need love to heal. We’d be lying if we say that we can heal on our own without the touch of someone else who eases our suffering, someone else turning our pain into art, someone else showing us a different and more colorful side of life — a different and more colorful side of ourselves.

Wait for the one who heals you without you asking him to. He heals you by just being there, by letting you know you’re loved and by truly showing you that he’s afraid of losing you. Wait for the one who would do anything to make sure you don’t suffer alone again. Someone who promises not to leave when things fall apart. Someone who promises to always make you smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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