Here’s Why They Pulled Away When You Were Starting To Get Close, Based On Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The Truth About Narcissistic People In Relationships And Why They’ll Always Make You Feel Alone 

Narcissism can simply be defined as exaggerated feelings of self-importance. People who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder have a constant need for external validation, admiration and power. They’re more concerned about themselves than anyone else. It’s been said that the word Narcissism originated from Greek mythology, when young Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool.

It’s easy to be attracted to narcissistic people because they tend to have big and bold personalities and they know how to grab your attention and fool you into thinking their lives are so interesting and adventurous that you need to be part of it.

Dating narcissistic people will leave you feeling empty, worthless and alone. Here’s why:

They have a false sense of entitlement and importance.

Which makes them believe that the world revolves around them and if you’re not always available or if you’re not always trying to please them, they’ll ignore you or suddenly turn from sweet to sour. They’ll let you know that they have plenty of people trying to talk to them, so you can either keep chasing them or ask for their forgiveness because that makes them feel superior and that’s all they care about. Power. They want to know that they’re more important than you, that you care more about them than they care about you.

They lack empathy.

They don’t try to see things from your point of view or consider your feelings when they make a decision or say something that could be really hurtful. As long as they’re happy, your needs will always be subsided. They don’t think of what could potentially hurt you and even if they do, they’ll still do it anyway because it’s going to please them.

They don’t want love, they want attention.

They don’t really care about falling in love or commitment or intimacy, they like the chase, they like the attention, they like the validation they get when they’re admired or complimented. That’s why their relationships are all short-lived, not serious or one-sided because they’re not looking for anything deep. They just want the reassurance that they can get anyone they want.

They handle communication poorly.

Trying to get your point across or disagree with them will result in a full-blown fight because they’ll either become very aggressive or turn the table and make it seem like it’s your fault, that you’re the sensitive one or you’re the delusional one. You’ll never be able to make them admit their mistakes. They’re never wrong…ever. If the communication is not initiated by them and if the conversation is not something they want to talk about, they’ll shut you out and won’t even hear you.

They’ll find a way to leave you before you leave them.

Or just end things so they can feel like it’s their decision and take pride in being the ones who ended it. The ones who rejected you. Rejecting people makes them feel better about themselves because it gives them a false sense of power, shows that they have options and they’re too good for anyone.

They’ll make you feel lonely.

Because they don’t know how to live with someone or even love someone, they’ll always be too self-absorbed to give you half of what you’re giving them. They’re more interested in taking and receiving. They expect you to be the one compromising, making all the effort and changing your life to accommodate theirs. Narcissistic people will make you feel misunderstood, dumb, foolish, clingy, crazy, needy and invisible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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