15 Uncomfortable Signs You Need To Cut Things Short And Walk Away

Natalie Allen

Dating can be exhausting and confusing, especially in the beginning. Luckily there are some major red flags or signs that make it easier for you to cut things short now instead of waiting and wasting your time because it doesn’t look very promising.

1. They don’t text you as much as they used to and when they do, it’s usually short and dry.

2. They take hours to respond to your text but then you see them posting on Instagram and snapchat.

3. They keep flirting with other people on social media but they don’t do the same with you anymore.

4. They say they’re busy when you tell them you want to hang out.

5. They look uncomfortable when you run into them and they avoid talking to you.

6. They tell you they’re over their ex but then you hear that they still go for coffer and ‘hang out’ from time to time.

7. You constantly hear about their plans from other people and never directly from them because they’re trying to keep you out of it.

8. Their friends start acting weird around you, as if they know something you don’t know.

9. They go out of town without giving you a heads up. You know from social media like everyone else.

10. Their best friend starts hitting on you.

11. Your friend sees them on Bumble.

12. They don’t seem to be affected or even worried that you may be upset of offended.

13. They don’t text you on special occasions on purpose because they don’t want to ‘lead you on.’

14. They stop viewing your Instagram and snapchat stories.

15. You see them on a date with someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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