They Will Only Remember Your Presence When They Feel Your Absence

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They will remember your heart when they get theirs broken. They will remember that your love was real when they start noticing how manipulative the people they love are. They will remember that you truly cared when no one puts them first, when no one sees them the way you did and they will remember your heart when they realize that maybe you could have loved them more than anyone but they thought they could find someone better, not knowing that sometimes someone can have everything they’re looking for but they don’t love them back.

They will remember your loyalty when everyone betrays them. They will remember that you always had their back when they get backstabbed. They will remember how you used to stand by them when everyone walked away. They will remember how they never had to question your feelings or worry about you leaving when everyone they meet fails to give them that reassurance and doesn’t let them know that they’re here to stay.

They will remember your strength when they discover that not everyone has the power to fight for them, the tenacity to fight for their love and the determination to make it work. They think everyone will want them just as much, they think everyone will try so hard to win their heart and their love but they will be disappointed once they learn that not everyone will try as hard because nowadays people give up. Not everyone will make them feel special, wanted and important. Not everyone will put them on a pedestal.

They’ll remember you once they learn that only very few people can actually love them without trying to change them.

They’ll remember you when they get over the phase they’re in and realize that maybe they messed up by letting you go, that maybe people like you don’t come around very often, that maybe you were their once in a lifetime.

They’ll remember you when they see you happy without them, when they see you talking to someone else who appreciates you, when they’re with someone who doesn’t even understand their words and you understood their silence. They’ll remember you when they see you and your eyes don’t twitch and it will hit them that they no longer move you, they no longer have any effect on you, you’re no longer theirs.

They’ll only remember you when you forget them.

They’ll only miss you when you’re gone.

They’ll only want you when you don’t want them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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