Maybe We’re Lost Because We Stopped Listening To Ourselves

Biel Morro

Maybe we’re lost because we’re searching for answers from those who have the same questions.

Maybe we’re lost because we’ve been trying to seek guidance from those who are going off course.

Maybe we’re lost because we keep wanting love from those who don’t really love us.

Maybe we’re lost because we listen to those who don’t know what’s best for us.

Maybe we’re lost because in between the noise, the chaos, the advice, the lessons and the rules we lost our voice, we lost our direction and we lost ourselves.

Maybe we’re confused because we listen to people who can’t seem to agree on anything, people who don’t think or feel like we do.

Maybe we’re scared because we’re told that we need to stay safe. Stay cool. Stay away from things that make us look bad.

Maybe we don’t feel good enough because even the people who love us judge us, criticize us and don’t always understand us.

Maybe we just need to pause. We need to take a break from people; even the closest people to us. Maybe we just need to be alone to forget all the ways people look at us so we can be able to see ourselves clearly. Maybe we need to be alone to listen to our silence instead of the words people don’t say when they’re secretly judging us. Maybe we need to be alone to figure out who we are without people telling us who we should be.

Maybe we don’t feel strong anymore because we gave our power to others when we failed to trust ourselves and when we thought they knew better, when we thought they’re more qualified to make our decisions.

Maybe we’re lost because we stopped being true to ourselves and tried to fit it. We tried to belong and be part of something that we don’t really belong to.

Maybe we’re lost because instead of trying to find ourselves, we just followed the crowd. We followed someone else’s plan. We followed someone else’s heart and we followed someone else’s mind.

Maybe we just need to stop. Maybe it’s time to put ourselves first and believe that we have the wisdom and the courage we need to follow our own plan. To listen to our intuition. To go in a different direction. To find the place that we truly belong to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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