This Is Why It’s Harder For Impulsive People To Find Love

Noah Hinton

They’re not traditional. They don’t know how to wait, how to be patient or how to abide by any rules. They kind of just do whatever they feel like doing at the moment whether it’s wrong or right. They act and then think about their actions later, which is why they always put themselves in awkward or difficult situations.

They want answers immediately. They love saying how they feel. They don’t really think twice about what they say or how they say it and when they try to push others to do the same, it kind of pushes them away. They like to make their lives easier by being honest, direct and straight-forward which doesn’t always work in their favor because people think they’re ‘intimidating.’

They don’t have control over their emotions. They make decisions when they’re sad and angry. They don’t always know how to stop themselves from doing things when they’re emotional and sometimes people don’t understand where these feelings are coming from and they back off.

They’re misunderstood. Impulsive people are either known as crazy or irresponsible, but if you want to label them, then their word should be ‘real.’ They are honest with themselves and their impulsive decisions come from a very sincere and honest place. It’s hard for a non-impulsive person to understand that nature of an impulsive person.

They like people who are not as impulsive. And that’s their biggest problem, they want someone grounded, someone who is calmer, someone who is more logical but they never click with them because they come from two different worlds and it’s hard for them to meet half-way. They don’t see eye to eye. They want two very different things in life so it never works out or lasts.

They apologize when it’s too late. Impulsive people are aware of how they can unintentionally offend people or confuse them with their actions so they apologize for it when the time is right. But sometimes, they apologize after the damage is done and it becomes harder for others to forgive them. It takes a very intuitive person to actually love and understand an impulsive person.

They don’t want to settle. The thing about impulsive people, is that they just can’t settle or stay quiet or live a life that doesn’t excite them. They embrace being impulsive, they love being unapologetically themselves and they are always looking for someone who knows how to balance them out but at the same time appreciate their impulsive nature. At times, they may not be politically correct or make the wisest decisions but it’s all because they care too much and love too much, to the point where they can’t help how they feel or how they act around someone they have feelings for.

If you think about it, they’re impulsive because they care. They’re impulsive because they can’t pretend that they don’t feel anything or that they’re chill. They’re too passionate and too fierce to be cool around someone they can’t stop thinking about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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