This Is How You Walk Away Even When You Don’t Want To

This Is How You Walk Away Even When You Don’t Want To

First, you stop.

Stop running after them. Stop initiating. Stop trying. Stop giving. Stop and ask yourself why. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Ask yourself if it should be that hard. Ask yourself why you’re settling.

You stop making excuses, you stop being too understanding, you stop being so blind and you start opening your eyes slowly to all the red flags you ignored, to the poor communication, to the white lies, to the things people said, to the lack of effort and you start realizing that it was trouble from day one and you just didn’t want to admit it because you wanted to believe that this time is different, that this time you’re capable of making a better decision.

Then you force yourself to forget.

You delete all the texts, you delete all the pictures, you unfollow them, you act like they never existed, you forget how they made you feel, you forget what they told you, you forget all their promises that were nothing but a bunch of lies. You forget who you were when you were with them. You forget the person you thought they were and you forget every little good thing about them. You force yourself to forget the potential you saw.

Then you remember.

You remember that you were fine before they entered your life, you remember who you were before they approached you, you remember that you’ve moved on before and that you have a life waiting for you outside of them. You remember that you have bigger things to worry about, you have plans and goals to achieve. You have trips and vacations to plan with friends. You have a lifetime ahead of you to meet the one who deserves every ounce of your love. You remember that people love you even if the person you loved was incapable of loving you, other people do and they always will.

Then you leave it up to God.

Leave the rest of it up to God. Whether you’ll reunite or reconcile, whether they’ll come crawling back to you to apologize, whether you’ll just forget about them and find someone better, whether they’ll change to be the person you want them to be. You just leave it up to God.

Let him finish the rest of the story. Let him take care of your heart. Don’t think of scenarios and what ifs, don’t wait for them to come back, don’t wait for them to ever realize that letting you go was huge mistake. Just let them be and let God take it from here. You tried. You did your part, now it’s time for the universe to play its part — and it’s always a lot more exciting than you think.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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