The Real Reason She Lost Interest (And It’s Not Because She Stopped Liking You)

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She lost interest because she couldn’t read you. She wasn’t able to decipher your mixed signals. Your words weren’t backed up by actions and you never really showed her how much you wanted her so she stopped trying. She stopped analyzing. She stopped making excuses because your silence was louder than any of your words.

She lost interest because she’s been there before. She can sense when it’s the beginning of the end. When you start to slowly pull away, when she feels that she’s not the only one, when she knows that your heart belongs to someone else. She knows what a man does when he truly wants a woman and what he does when he’s unsure about her.

She lost interest because she realized you’re not ready. You’re not ready to be with someone like her, you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, for that kind of intimacy or that kind of depth. You’re not ready for a relationship, you’re not ready for something real. You’re still into casual dating, you’re into things that are fleeting, things you can easily end and people who don’t know how to love. You weren’t ready for her kind of love.

She lost interest because she knew you’d hurt her. She knew that if she tried harder and fought for you, you’re not going to appreciate it but you’ll take her for granted. You’ll see her as just another girl trying to get your attention and trying to chase you. You’ll see her as something you already own instead of a challenge. She knows that if she stayed a little longer, you’ll eventually leave and she promised herself not to love a man who leaves.

She lost interest because you weren’t that interested. You weren’t invested. You weren’t serious and you didn’t even try to get to know her. You didn’t take her to dinner dates or asked her about her childhood and about her life. You failed to see her heart and her soul. You couldn’t give her what she was looking for. But because she believes in love, she was willing to give you a chance, she was willing to do more for you than you can do for her and she was willing to open her heart to you even though you might break it — all she wanted was a sign, was a little bit of effort, something to reassure that you’re at least open to trying but you couldn’t even give her that.

She lost interest when she realized that you’re the same even though she was hoping you’d be different. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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