Maybe The Universe Is Testing You, But The Test Is A Lot Easier Than You Think


When the universe finally answers your burning questions; the questions that made you cry endlessly and the questions that made you doubt yourself, you learn to trust the universe a little more, you learn that you really didn’t know any better, you learn why the universe waited to give you your answer years later and you learn that the universe, one way or another, will give you what you want after it teaches you a few lessons.

The universe will bring old lovers back into your life so you can finally get your closure, when enough time has passed so the conversations won’t be as bitter, they won’t be as heated.  They will be peaceful, they will be calm, the will be wise and they will be everything you wanted them to be and more.

The universe will eventually land you the right job, but after you’ve learned how to appreciate it and how to keep it, after you’ve learned how to discipline yourself, after you’ve learned that you shouldn’t ignore what you’re passionate about when it comes your way and it will give you your dreams after you’ve learned how to believe in them and how to fight fiercely for them.

The universe will give you the love you’ve been asking for, but after you go through heartbreak, after you love the wrong ones so you can learn how to take care of someone’s heart, so you can learn how not to break someone’s heart and after your heart gets shattered a few times without giving up on love.

The universe wants to know that you’ll always believe in love, even if you can’t find it. The universe wants to know that you’ll be able to love with all your heart even if you’ve never been loved the same way. 

The universe doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t favor one person over the other but it cares about your heart, it cares about your soul, it cares about your intentions and it cares about what you really want to do with your wishes. It cares about what you want to give back more than what you want to receive. It cares about how you plan to thank it instead of taking it for granted.

The universe doesn’t want you to understand it but it wants you to keep on living; through the confusion, the doubt, the heartbreak, the loss, the pain, the hardships, the frustration and the chaos.

It wants you to keep going, to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep fighting and the universe wants you to do all the work you can do as it prepares to send you everything you ever wished for when you pass the test.

The universe is testing you, but if you study it with your heart, if you pay attention to the details, if you open your eyes to what it’s trying to tell you, you’ll find that the test is a lot easier than you think. You’ll realize that you can easily ace that test.

You’ll realize that all along, the universe has been giving you the answers to that test but you were so busy trying to find the answers in all the wrong places. You were so busy hating the universe only to realize that it was always on your side — rooting for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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