Maybe In Another Lifetime We Decided To Stop Running Away

I Never Believed In Timing, But Now I Do

I never believed in timing, I always thought it was a lame excuse, an easy exit, a nice way of rejecting someone but now I know that timing does matter, timing could make or break a relationship, timing is a reflection of your personal growth and relationships make more sense when you know yourself better, when you know what you want, when you’re a little bit wiser and when your heart has learned to make better decisions.

Timing is a reflection of every wrong career move you made and how you made it right or how you’re trying.

Timing is a reflection of every heartbreak you endured and what you learned from it.

Timing is a reflection of all the self-loathing years you lived through and how you learned to love yourself.

Timing is a reflection of your standards and what you learned to look for instead of settle for.

And timing is sometimes all you need to realize that you either made a huge mistake by letting someone go or realized that you’re now looking for a relationship for all the right reasons.

Timing is important when you’ve used this time to work on yourself, to invest in yourself, to look for the missing pieces of your own puzzle.

Timing, in a way, prepares for the one. Prepares for the easy kind of love. For the right kind of love. For the kind of love that just falls into your lap because you’re both in the right place at the right time and you’re just ready to be with each other and make each other better.

Timing is a reflection of all your lost years, all you wrong paths, all your mistakes that finally led you to the right place, that finally pushed you into the arms of the one who is ready to give you what you’ve been looking for and what you know you deserve.

Timing isn’t always a deal breaker but it just seals the deal. It makes the decision easier, it removes all the doubt and it heals you.

Time heals the past (at least, most of it) and it has a way of making us believe in it. It has a way of letting us know that it’s in control and somehow knows when to bring you what you need. 

But one thing I’ve learned, time is not evil, time doesn’t hate you. Time is on your side, time is looking out for you and time is preparing something magical for you — something you didn’t even expect.

I believe in timing now. I believe that it knows me better than I know myself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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