This Is How Relationships End

This Is How Relationships End

Relationships end when you stop communicating.

When you stop saying the good things and the hard things, when you stop telling your partner how much you appreciate them and when you stop telling them what upsets you but you let your emotions bottle up instead. Relationships end when you start talking to everyone about your problems and you forget to talk it out with your partner first, they end when you don’t explain yourself to each other and you start explaining yourself to someone else.

Relationships end when you stop showing love and affection to each other.

When you think romance has an expiration date, when you get too comfortable that you forget to show each other how much you care, when you become so sure that your partner won’t go anywhere so you stop showing appreciation or making an effort. When you start taking them for granted, when you stop thanking them for what they do and thanking them for who they are. Relationships end when you kill love with your own hands, when you claim that love eventually fades away and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Relationships end when you stop trying to understand each other.

When you stop trying to be there for each other and when you stop doing all the little things that matter, the little things that makes the world a better place, like a genuine smile, a loving touch, a kind word and just letting someone know that they don’t have to be alone. Relationships end when you stretch the gap between you and your partner that you end up feeling like you’re all alone — when you stop missing each other because you miss your ‘independence.’ 

Relationships end when you decide not to be vulnerable.

When you don’t show someone your real self including your fears, your insecurities and all your scars. They end when your partner only knows one version of you, when you don’t let them see the softer, more delicate parts of you. The parts that you show no one else — the parts that they could break. They end when you’re scared to show them how much you need them or how you can’t imagine your life without them. They end when the ego replaces the heart.

Sometimes relationships end because it wasn’t meant to be and because even after trying everything, both people just grew apart but sometimes relationships end too soon, they end for all the wrong reasons, they end even though they could’ve lasted and they end because two people were too stubborn, too prideful, too scared and too guarded to open up and let each other in.

Some relationships end because they were a bit hard, but relationships are not supposed to easy, they’re not supposed to be perfect and maybe the expectation that they have to be is the one that ruins them all.

Relationships end when you let them die instead of working hard to save them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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