For The Days When You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

 Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

For the days when your mind feels heavier than your body, when your thoughts paralyze your legs and when your heart is slowly running out of beats — you have to remember this.

Remember that there’s still a purpose for you in this world, you’re still here for a reason, your story is still being written and you can’t give up on yourself. You have to stand up and finish your story, you have to find your calling and you have to show up for your life because there’s still a place for you in this world.

Remember that someone smiles just knowing that you’re here. You make someone’s day better, you make them look forward to something and you make them fight through hard days. Someone’s world is better because you’re in it.

Remember that someone still believes in you and thinks you’re capable of achieving all your dreams. Someone still roots for you, they believe in your talents, in your details, in your creativity, in your mind or in your heart. Someone sees something in you that you still can’t see in yourself.

Remember that you still have a say in all this. You still have a say in how you want your life to be, you don’t have control over everything but you have enough control to steer the wheel in a different direction. You still have a choice. You can still choose a different path, a different road and you can always change. You can still choose to be happy.

Remember that you’ve felt this way before, you’ve survived somber days and a broken spirit, you’ve survived tragedies and pain and you always found a way out, you always knew how to start over, you always knew how to pick yourself back up.

You can do it all over again. You’ve always been a fighter, you’ve always been stronger than your obstacles and you’ve always been braver than your fears.

Remember that today you can’t get out of bed because the world doesn’t make sense to you anymore, but tomorrow it could all change, tomorrow you can find the light again, tomorrow someone might tell you they need you and tomorrow you might meet someone who can change your life forever. Remember that tomorrow you can change your life forever.

Remember that tomorrow is always another chance, a new day and eventually, you’ll forget about days like these, the weight won’t be as heavy and you won’t have to carry it alone. Tomorrow, you’ll realize that you’re still here for a reason and you’ll learn how to live and that the world is not always as bad as it seems.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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