10 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Move On And Never Look Back

 Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. You don’t stalk your exes on social media. You either deleted them, unfollowed them or simply stopped caring about where they are and who they’re with. They’re now just like any other friend on your list.

2. You know your worth. You’ve finally realized what you deserve and the kind of love you want and you’re not settling anymore, even if you’re lonely or bored.

3. You stopped making excuses. You now leave before it’s too late –when you can tell that someone is not invested in you or doesn’t take you seriously. You stopped living in your own fantasy world and started looking at the real signs and actions.

4. You don’t mind being single. ‘Single’ doesn’t terrify you anymore, you learned to use this time to grow and make yourself a better person without thinking that there’s anything wrong with you.

5. You’re still optimistic about love. Your heartbreak didn’t damage you or made you fear love, you look at it as a lesson learned the hard way.

6. You’re not bitter or angry that your relationships didn’t last. You don’t hold any grudges or let these negative thoughts consume you because you finally accepted the fact that it’s for the better and it ended for a good reason. You believe that the universe is planning to bring you someone better.

7. You no longer chase people. You know by now that if someone wants you, you will know and your actions will be reciprocated and appreciated. You stopped playing games or trying so hard to win people over.

8. You don’t give in to peer pressure anymore. You don’t go on dates you don’t want to go on or date anyone because all your friends are dating. You’re waiting for the right person and the right situation. You don’t force anything on yourself or on anyone.

9. You’re doing things that excite you. You’re traveling, you’re meeting up with old friends and making new ones and you’re always planning something fun because you’ve finally realized there’s more to life than love.

10. You feel that your heart is light again. You can feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off your heart and you can breathe again. You don’t just say that you’ve moved so that people can think you’re strong or that you’re over your ex, you actually feel it and you’re really living the truth. You feel liberated.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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