10 Dating Mistakes Strong Women Make That Stop Them From Falling In Love

 Trinity Kubassek

Trinity Kubassek

1. Guarding their hearts. Strong women have a harder time opening up and letting guys in because of their previous heart breaks, but sometimes they’re too guarded and give the impression that they’re not interested. They’re too cautious and that ends up ruining their chances.

2. Expecting more from men. Strong women have expectations, but sometimes they expect too much or expect things to be easier. They want the man to put in more work and they don’t approach guys or take chances because they expect it to be the other way around.

3. They’re too focused on themselves. While that’s a good thing, sometimes it can get in the way of finding love because they’re too busy with their careers, their travels or their friends. Love, like anything else in life, requires people to make some time for it. They need to slow down and give love a chance.

4. They got used to doing it all by themselves. They got used to being so independent that the idea of being with someone else or having someone else do things for them terrifies them. They could reject someone just because they’re scared of giving up their freedom.

5. Their pride is always their priority. They have too much pride and may not reach out to someone they like or apologize or even tell someone that they miss them even if they’re dying to, because they don’t want to seem weak or incapable of handling their own emotions.

6. They have their own squad. They mainly hang out with like-minded women so they don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything. They’re all in the same boat, living the same life and looking for a certain type of man or a certain type of relationship that may be harder to find.

7. They know how to let go and they let go easily. And sometimes they let go too quickly, strong women don’t like wasting time and they run at the first sign of incompatibility, but first impressions are not very accurate and could often be the complete opposite of who the person really is.

8. They could still not be over someone they once dated. But will never admit it and will push anyone away instead.

9. They’re secretly scared of falling in love. Because that takes away their ‘strength’ or so they believe. They think if they don’t have control over their feelings, then they’re giving up their strength but that’s the only way to truly experience falling in love.

10. They don’t want to admit that they have a problem. Strong women are stubborn and they’re hardly ever wrong, so it’s not easy for them to admit that they might be the problem or that they need to change their attitudes. But strong women eventually realize their faults and find ways to work on them or make them better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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