When You Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Love

Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan

They will never give you their all. Everything will be in halves, they’ll never truly express their feelings and when they do, they might not do anything about it. They’ll always be protective of their heart over yours and sometimes there’s really nothing you can do to change it.

They might not know how to accept your love. They might shut you out when you do something nice for them, or push you away when you try to get closer, they might close their door while you give them the key to yours and it’s always going to feel like you’re the only one who’s making the effort and you’re the only one who’s really trying.

And while giving is the real essence of love, sometimes giving too much without receiving anything at all leaves you empty.

You get used to not being loved, you get used to giving more than receiving and you forget that you deserve the same kind of love you’re giving and that you need to feel loved too.

They could make you feel like you’re hard to love, like you’re not good enough, like no matter how hard you try, they still won’t see you the way you see them or go the extra mile for you. You stay and wait because you see potential, you see what’s inside, you see what could be once you shatter all the walls so they can let you in.

But they won’t let you in because they don’t have room for you, they won’t let you in because that means they have to share the deepest parts of themselves and that’s not something they know how to do, that’s something they were taught to avoid so they can be happy. They were told that they should always have the upper hand, that they shouldn’t feel too much, that in order to keep their heart intact, they should break yours.

When you fall for someone who doesn’t know how to love, you eventually forget what love is or how it feels, you begin to love poorly, selfishly, you become stingy with your heart and you become stoic. 

When you fall for someone who doesn’t know how to love, you forget that someone out there knows how, you forget that you could find someone who reinforces everything you believe about love instead of challenging it and you forget that someone out there wants to love you — not break you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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