When They Tell You To Stay Busy So You Can Forget


They look at you and they tell you to stay busy, they tell you to distract yourself and focus on your career, they tell you forget about it and focus on the better things in life — in other words — they ask you to do anything other than feel.

And worst of all, they tell you that it will come when you least expect it to, they ask you not to even expect it, they ask you not to expect love.

But they don’t know that even if it comes when you least expect it to, it may still break your heart.

And they don’t know that even on your happiest days, you still look sad, that even on your busiest days, you still go home and sleep alone in an empty bed, that even when you’re with people who love you, you still wish you could be loved in a different way, you still wish you had a little romance in your life.

Because the truth is ‘busy’ will only numb the pain, it won’t heal it. It will only conceal the scars but the wounds are still there.

When people ask you to stay busy when you’re telling them you have a broken heart, it makes you question humanity, it makes you question if they really understand what you’re going through and it makes you feel like you’re the only one suffering, like no one will ever understand your heart.

But you’ll never able to forget when your heart is longing for someone who’s not there, you’ll never be able to forget when your mind still can’t comprehend why things ended before they could even start or why they ended at all and you’ll never be able to forget when you’re closing a deal or celebrating a promotion or a birthday and you wish you shared this moment with someone because you know that they have the ability to turn the good into great and the normal into extraordinary.

The only way to truly forget is when you’re ready to move one or when someone else comes in and shows you what you’ve been missing or maybe when you get all the answers to the questions you were left with.

When they tell you to stay busy so you can forget, ask them if busy ever cured their loneliness or how they truly feel when they’re not busy anymore and how they truly feel before they go to sleep. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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