To The One Who Thought She Wouldn’t Leave 

 Drew Coffman
Drew Coffman

To the one who ended things too quickly and abruptly, what were you so afraid of?

To the one who thought ‘I like you’ means asking for a marriage proposal, who taught you that?

To the one who thought leaving with no closure will hurt less, what were you thinking?

I’ll never understand how you can go from talking to someone every day to suddenly stopping as if it was all nothing, as if it was all a waste of time, as if all these conversations and all these late night calls didn’t move you.

I’ll never understand how you can try so hard to make someone fall in love with you then change your mind for selfish reasons and I’ll never understand how you wouldn’t even try to explain these reasons to someone who listened to you talk about everything — to someone whose only fault was believing you.

I’ll never understand how you can just let go, how you can sleep at night knowing you made someone cry just because you thought you were curious or just because you had something to prove to yourself.

Sometimes I think maybe you don’t really understand what this does to a woman or how this makes her feel about herself but then I find it very hard that you don’t get it, because you knew how to make her love you and I am sure you know what breaks her heart and even though that wasn’t your intention, you did. You broke her heart. Now what?

Now is the time to rethink your decision and question if this was the right move, now is the time to sit with yourself and think of the consequences, think of the future, think of who you’re losing and think of how you’ll feel if she ends up with someone else.

Now is the time to fix your mistake, now is the time to try to win her back and now is the time to unbreak her heart because she’s secretly still waiting, she’s still hoping, she’s still willing to forgive you and forget that you decided to give up too soon.

But if you wait a little longer or take your time, she’s going to forget you, she’s going to walk away, she’s going to move on and you will never get to talk to her again.

If you wait a little longer, she will stop loving you and once a woman stops loving you, there is no turning back — nothing you can do will change her heart.

If you wait a little longer, she’ll eventually heal and you will be broken because you thought she’d wait for you when you left but you didn’t realize that your absence taught her how to leave too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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