Maybe Things Need To Go Wrong Before They Can Go Right

We’re so obsessed with getting things right that we sometimes forget that it might be better if they go wrong, it might be better if we don’t know it all, if we don’t always say or do the right things.

Maybe this is why we get heartbroken. So we can learn to love again, so we can learn to love better, so we can learn to differentiate between those who love us for who we are and those who love us for what we can do for them.

Maybe this is why we lose people we love. So we can learn to appreciate people instead of taking them for granted, so we can learn to forgive others, so we can learn that life is too short and that people don’t always stay as long as we want them to and that sometimes our fears can stop us from taking a chance that could change our lives because we don’t always get a second one.

Maybe this is why we fail. So we can find something we can be great at, so we can stop settling for things that are not meant for us, so we can fight for our future and find our potential, find our passion and find what truly makes us happy. Maybe we fail so we can start over and write a new story with a better ending.

Maybe this is why we make mistakes. So we can learn that we’ll never be perfect no matter how hard we try, so we can understand that some things will always be out of our hands, so we can stop worrying so much about the future or lamenting the past. So we can understand that we’re born to figure things out on our own and that means making less than perfect decisions and learning things the hard way.

Maybe the wrong things are not so wrong after all. Maybe they’re so right for us but we don’t want to believe it, maybe they’re exactly what we need but not what we want and maybe they’re just reminders that better things await us and that wonderful things can come out of hardships, out of failure and out of pain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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