It’s Hard To Forget You When Everything Reminds Me Of You  

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Stefan Stefancik

It’s hard to forget you when every song on the radio reminds me of you; the words, your favorite singer, the music or a certain song that just says it all, like it was written for us, as if the singer was secretly watching us turning our story into a beautiful melody.

It’s hard to forget you when every park reminds of you; the first date, the first deep conversation, the early summer days and the hours we spent watching the sunset and watching each other. Now each park has a different memory of you and it’s hard to forget you when each memory is just as beautiful — just as perfect.

It’s hard to forget you when I’m with someone else who makes me feel nothing because you made me feel everything. It’s hard for me to settle for mediocre when I had extraordinary. It’s hard for me to think that euphoria is not real when I felt it with you.

It’s hard to forget you when someone talks about love because you introduced me to it, you made me feel it, you gave it meaning, you gave it depth and you gave it to me. It’s hard to love someone without remembering how it felt to love you.

It’s hard to forget you when everywhere I go someone asks me about you, because they know that if anyone knows anything about you, it’s me and because they know that somehow I always know what’s going on with you, even if you don’t tell me, even if I shouldn’t — I always do.

It’s hard to forget you when I don’t want to, when I refuse to listen to the people who tell me it’s only hurting me because they don’t understand that it’s sometimes the only thing that heals me and the only thing that gives me hope.

It’s hard to forget you because you’re unforgettable.

It’s hard to forget you when I still see you but I still can’t hate you, when I still wish you the best, when I still love listening to you and when I still smile when I see your face.

It’s hard to forget you when my heart can still accept you, when my heart can’t completely shut you out, when my heart still beats for you. Maybe it wasn’t so broken after all, maybe it wasn’t as weak as I thought or maybe you just make it stronger, maybe you just teach it how to truly love or maybe my heart knows something I don’t and this is why it keeps going back to you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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