10 Signs You’re Attracted To The Wrong ‘Type’ For You

 Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. You’re still single. If you’re still single, it’s probably because you keep falling for the same type of people who are not right for you. “Same shit, different guy.” If that sounds familiar to you, then maybe you need to change your type.

2. It always ends in the same way. Even when you date them, you can simply predict how things will end and more often than not, you are right. If you like guys who ghost you or end things without closure, it might be time to move on to someone who respects you a little more than that.

3. Your friends tell you that you need to change your type. Your friends know your dating history and if they think you’re falling for the same toxic pattern in your relationships, then they’re seeing something you’re not and you should take their advice.

4. You always end up heartbroken. If the common thread between all the guys you liked is that they leave you heartbroken, you’re obviously not falling for the right ones — the ones that want to love you.

5. You never feel safe with your type. If you don’t feel like you can be yourself with them or if you think you have to try too hard to impress them, you might be falling for guys that intrigue you or challenge you instead of the ones that are actually compatible with you.

6. You’re always unsure of where you stand. There’s a certain type of guys who like stringing you along and giving you just enough to make you believe that they like you but not much to be completely sure, because that’s their game, but there are other guys out there who are sure and let you know right away that you’re special and that they’re looking for more than just a casual fling.

7. You don’t remember what it feels like to be loved. You don’t remember the last time a guy brought you flowers, or surprised you in a romantic way because you’ve been liking guys who torture you instead of loving you.

8. You’re not looking at the bigger picture. You can be attracted to a certain look, or just a feeling they trigger within you at the moment or insane chemistry, but what about the future? What about when you need them to be there for you? What about the qualities that make a relationship work?

9. You’ve never tried dating someone outside of your type. You think your type is the only type out there and that you won’t click with any other type, but you’ll never know unless you try.

10. They never give you what you really need. Last but not least, if the type of guys you like never seem to make an effort to make you happy or give you the love that you’re really looking for then they’re clearly not right for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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