10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found The Right Person Yet 


1. You’re still trying to find yourself.

You’re still figuring things out in your career and in your life and you’re always thinking about moving to another city or even another continent so it’s hard for you to settle down in one place.

2. You’re constantly changing.

When you spend more time focusing on yourself and your needs, you begin to find new hobbies, new passions and new ways to grow because you have more time on your hands when you’re not in a relationship so you’re always changing your life-style, the people you spend time with and consequently it changes your views on love too.

3. You’ve had a few bad experiences and you need a break.

You haven’t had the best luck when it comes to dating so you decided to take a break from it all and focus on other things until you’re ready to take that risk again.

4. You’re still not completely over your ex.

Part of you is still trying to move on and you know that it’s not fair to date someone when your heart is with someone else.

5. You still don’t know what you want.

No one wants to admit that they don’t know what they want or what they’re looking for but sometimes it’s the truth; your ‘type’ changes and you’re not sure what kind of person you want in your life or who would be the best person for you.

6. It’s hard to let go of your independent life.

You got used to your freedom, you got used to being your own decision maker and you got used to having complete authority over your life and sometimes when you’re too comfortable with your independence, it becomes harder to give it up.

7. You’re going with the flow.

In this day and age, people have options, so if you’re not aggressive or assertive enough, the person you like will easily find someone else. If you’re going with the flow, it can make you seem passive or not interested compared to more straight-forward people but it’s also because you’re a bit guarded and you’re still trying to figure out who is right for you.

8. You don’t mind the single life.

You got used to it, you actually like it, so you don’t always feel like anything is missing in your life and sometimes it even feels weird when you think that you can share your life with someone because that’s not something you’re used to or even know how to do anymore.

9. You’re not a big fan of online dating.

When you don’t participate in online dating, your chances are slimmer because you’re now a minority. It’s harder to meet a lot of people out because they’re probably all online trying to find dates.

10. You’re just not in a hurry to find someone.

And that’s probably why you’re not trying hard enough, so you take things slower than usual and many people can take that as a sign that you’re just not that into them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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