I’m Not Impressed By What You Do, I’m Impressed By Who You Are

 Fernando Brasil
Fernando Brasil

I’m not impressed by your degrees, I’m impressed by your manners. The way you treat your friends, the way you support your family and the way you you don’t abuse your status or your power. I’m not impressed by diplomas that many people have, I’m impressed by what makes you special, what you have that no one else has and what sets you apart.

I’m impressed by the little things you do that tell me who you are. I’m impressed by the things that others overlook.

I’m not impressed by how much you make, I’m impressed by your modesty. I want to know that money didn’t change you, that you didn’t suddenly undervalue everyone else. I want to know that you don’t think money defines people and that you don’t use it as a weapon to make others feel inferior. I’m impressed by your behavior whether you’re rich or poor.

I’m impressed by the things you possess that money can’t buy.

I’m not impressed by the fancy clothes you wear, I’m impressed by how you wear your heart on your sleeve. I’m not impressed by the expensive watch you’re wearing, I’m impressed by how time flies by when we’re together. I’m not impressed by the material things that people respect you for, I’m impressed by your heart and your soul.

I’m impressed by the qualities you have not the quantities you have.

It’s easy for people to define others by how successful and rich they are and somehow that also affects the way they love them or the way they respect them but love doesn’t really see those things, love is not impressed by things that can go away or things that go out of style.

Love looks for an intimate connection, for the kindness of a heart, for the depth of a soul, for the wisdom of a mind and love looks for the truth. The truth behind masks, diplomas, labels and material things.

Love looks for meaning, whether you have everything or have nothing and love looks for the things that define who you are within and who you will be once you lose all these labels.

I’m not impressed by the physical things you have, I’m not impressed by the things that I can touch, I’m impressed by the things that I can feel, the things that I can sense — the things that make me fall in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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