20 Ways To Know If Someone Is Genuinely Interested In Being With You  


1. They text you frequently to know what you’re up to and how you’re doing.

2. They respond to your texts quickly and keep the conversation going because they don’t want to stop talking to you.

3. They try to find out your plans for the weekend so they can be in the same area or even in the same place.

4. They notice things about you from your social media and text you about it; promotions, travels, birthdays, family weddings…etc.

5. They remember minor details about you from your previous conversations together.

6. When you’re around them, they pay full attention to you and they make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

7. They ask you deep questions to get to know you instead of just making small talk.

8. They try to be nice to your friends and even try to impress them.

9. They introduce you to their closest friends and they’re usually very sweet to you.

10. They don’t change the way they treat you when their friends are around.

11. They make time for you even if they’re busy because they care about seeing you no matter what.

12. You can sense that they’re genuinely happy to be around you and not bored or staring at their phone the whole time.

13. They do sweet things for you; like send you a funny meme when you’re down or take you to your favorite ice-cream place.

14. They’re always trying to hang out with you, not only during the weekends but during weekdays too.

15. They like your social media posts or pictures just to show you that they’re paying attention.

16. They have expressed what exactly they like or admire about your personality and not just your looks.

17. They plan things they know you’d enjoy so you can’t say no.

18. They get slightly jealous when someone tries to flirt with you.

19. They don’t freak out when you mention that you want to be in a serious relationship.

20. They just tell it like it is and will eventually find the courage to tell you that they’re interested in being with you instead of leaving you guessing and wondering. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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