14 Signs Your Heartbreak Changed You In A Good Way  

Natalie Allen

1. You started being more calculated when you approach someone you like, you take it one step at a time and you make sure that both of you are on the same page before you jump to conclusions.

2. You’ve become more guarded but in a good way. It’s not like you gave up on love but you’re just saving your heart for those who really want it instead of being reckless with it.

3. You don’t ignore the red flags just because you really like someone. You either address them or walk away instead of making excuses or pretending that they don’t bother you.

4. You stopped giving your exes the chance to come back into your life because you’ve already moved on and understood why they were not right for you.

5. You know that if someone likes you, you’ll feel it and know it, you don’t spend your time analyzing, questioning, guessing or wondering.

6. You don’t date to fill a void anymore or because you feel lonely. You just try to distract yourself with other things until you find someone you genuinely like.

7. You’re not afraid of getting heartbroken again. You know that it’s a risk you’re taking with every relationship you get in and you know that you’re capable of moving on when things get too hard.

8. You don’t fight for people who don’t fight for you. You learn to let the ones who don’t care go.

9. You don’t believe in almost relationships anymore. You know that love shouldn’t be an almost thing and that it only means that someone is not serious about you.

10. You know how to embrace the single life and enjoy doing the things that you can’t really do once you’re in a relationship.

11. You invest more in other important relationships in your life; like your family, your friends and your colleagues.

12. You’ve learned that infatuation doesn’t keep a relationship going and it’s only temporary. You look for deeper qualities that could last.

13. You get to know yourself better and this helps you understand specifically what you want in a partner so you make better decisions in the future.

14. You remain positive and hopeful about love, even after a few heart breaks because they’re just stepping-stones leading you to find the right person and the right kind of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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