10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Too Sensitive

 María Victoria Heredia Reyes
María Victoria Heredia Reyes

1. Why your mood suddenly changes.

It’s because probably someone said something and you took it personally or someone said something that reminded you of a past incident that hurt you and you experienced it all over again.

2. Why you like isolation sometimes.

You’re emotional and you take everything in, which can be overwhelming when you find yourself dealing with so many emotions and feelings, so you prefer to deal with it on your own because you know that not many people will understand what exactly you’re going through.

3. Why you don’t approach people.

Because the smallest sign of rejection will break your heart and you have trouble being ‘chill’ about things like that because you take them seriously.

4. Why sarcasm hurts you.

Mean comments or sarcastic jokes about you will definitely hurt you even if that was not the intention, because you can’t help but think there must be some truth behind it, so you read too much into it.

5. Why you try to get even.

You don’t always know how to deal with your sensitivity so you try to get even by giving the person who hurt you a taste of their own medicine and then you end up feeling guilty about it.

6. Why you can’t sleep at night.

You’re probably still upset about what your friend said over dinner or how your boss looked at you today or why your crush was acting different. Your mind is always over thinking things and asking a lot of questions you don’t have the answer to.

7. Why you can’t get over your ex.

Because your love is unmatched and you love too deeply so it’s nearly impossible for you to get over someone you once loved unless you love somebody else more.

8. Why you hate public speaking.

Because if you see someone in the audience smirking or laughing or someone who looks uninterested, it will ruin your whole speech or presentation because you’ll start sweating, thinking there’s something wrong with you.

9. Why you can’t forgive easily.

Because you also hurt so deeply, the wounds are not easily forgotten or erased and it’s hard for you to forget the heartache or how horrible someone made you feel. You have trouble letting go of the pain someone put you through.

10. Why you act like you’re not.

Because at the end of the day, sensitive people are misunderstood and often a target to people who can sense their sensitivity or their vulnerability. So to protect yourself, you act like you’re tough and you even get defensive because you don’t want anyone to hold your sensitivity against you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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