10 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow The Guy You ‘Almost’ Dated

 Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. He’s not really a ‘friend’ or an ‘ex’ so you could keep him. He pretty much made no effort to be someone worth remembering so why don’t you just make it easier for him and cut all ties with him.

2. His ‘likes’ don’t mean anything. He simply just double taps on a screen, that’s all he has to do to make you think of him, especially if you two haven’t spoken in a while. Don’t give him the chance to mess with your head again.

3. It will hurt you when you see pics of him with other women. Even if you never officially dated but you’ll always wonder if he’s officially dating her or if she is the woman he picked over you. It’s not worth the pain — he’s not worth the pain.

4. You won’t be tempted to post quotes or memes that could potentially be about him. It helps you move on from playing these games and from giving him the satisfaction that he’s still on your mind.

5. It will make you question yourself. When you see him posting a loving family picture or pictures with his friends, you’ll wonder why he never showed you that side of him and you’ll begin to think that you failed to bring the good in him. The truth is, he chose to be that person with you so it’s not your fault.

6. You will not be able to stalk him. Since it’s in our nature to check up on our exes and anyone we dated to see how they’re doing, stalking doesn’t really help you forget them or move on. Especially with a guy you almost dated because you will always think that there’s still more to your story.

7. If he didn’t give you closure, this will be yours. A guy you almost dated probably didn’t have the decency to give you any kind of closure, so this could be your way of saying goodbye and fuck you.

8. You won’t feel the need to impress him. If you want to keep him so he can see how well you’re doing without him and feel sorry for letting you go, you’re only fooling yourself. Usually a guy knows a girl’s worth or value without social media validating it. If he failed to see that before, he’ll fail to see it now.

9. If he wants you back, he needs to work harder. If he really cares about you and doesn’t want you completely out of his life, then he should communicate that to you and make an effort to make things right again.

10. Because he honestly doesn’t deserve to occupy any space in your life, your contacts or your followers. Almost is another word for nothing.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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