Maybe You Couldn’t Love Me Because You Didn’t Give Yourself A Chance To Know Me

How could you have known me, when you were so busy talking about yourself? How could you have possibly known my favorite food or favorite drink when you were so busy telling me yours.

How could you have known me when you were so busy answering your own questions?

I listened more than I talked and I gave much more than I received and I was happy to do so, but I don’t think you stopped for a second and realized that I had so much more to offer than my ears, that I had stories of my own, that I had secrets I wanted to tell you, that I had funny stories you would have liked, that I had so much more layers underneath that you didn’t even want to dig through.

And maybe my problem is that I thought we had time, or that you would give me more time to show you who I really am but instead you took all the time to yourself, you took all the time to talk about yourself, leaving little room for me to coexist.

Someone told me once that you should always listen more than you speak, because this is how you learn, and I think I learned more about you than you ever learned about me.

I guess I studied you more than you studied me and maybe that’s why I fell in love with your details and you hardly scratched the surface.

But sometimes I ask myself, would you have walked away if you had actually known me, would it have been so easy for you to forget me if I had given you more to remember?

Better yet, are you asking yourself the same questions? Or are you so used to making everything about you that you don’t even think about what anyone else is thinking?

People usually think it’s their fault or their problem that people walk away from them, but they have to stop and ask themselves who people walked away from; did that person walk away from who you showed them you were? Or who they thought you were? Did they walk away from the image they had of you or from the real you?

Because even if you really like someone, you will never be able to show them who you really are unless they want to see it, you will never be able to introduce them to the parts of you they could love unless they want to meet them. 

And maybe you didn’t think you could find and love these parts of me, or maybe you just wanted to make sure that I love all parts of you.

And I’m here to tell you that I did. 

But I’m also here to tell you that you didn’t really know me — and I guess you didn’t really know who you walked away from. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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