Maybe We Are Better Off As Friends

Maybe we are better off as friends, when I thought about it, you can’t really be my lover.

Friends like to play it safe and I don’t want someone who plays it safe when it comes to love, when it comes to me. I want someone who’s willing to take a risk and take a chance without being so hesitant.

Friends don’t like to cross certain boundaries or talk about certain things and I want someone who crosses an ocean for me and with me and I want to talk about everything without paying attention to what I’m saying. I want to talk about everything I’m not supposed to talk about.

Friends are afraid of doing anything that might give a wrong impression and I want someone who is free to do whatever he wants, free to say whatever he wants, someone who’s not guarded or cautious with me.

Friends are not okay with too much depth, too much intimacy or too much of anything and I’ll always be too much of everything for a just a friend.

Because friendship is beautiful but not as beautiful as love.

Friendship is comforting but love is healing.

Friendship will give meaning to your life but love will change your life.

Because love is not for the weak, not for the faint-hearted, not for the ones who say one thing and do another and love is not for those who are content with friendship when they could have more.

Love is for the strong, for the fearless, for the ones who are not afraid to try, not afraid to feel, not afraid to hurt and not afraid to get out of the friend zone and enter the realm of love.

And I want someone who’s not afraid to take that leap, I want someone who knows it’s safe to be my friend but it’s dangerous to lose me as a lover.

I want someone who’s not afraid of danger.

And I’ve come to realize that this not who you are, so maybe you were right after all, we are better off as friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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