Maybe This Time, We’ll Get It Right


This is your final chance
to be with me
this is your final chance
to show me that you care
because I’ve been waiting for you
and you never really show up on time
I’ve been waiting for you
and you have a tendency to be a little too late

So here’s what I have to say
I’m either black or white
but I’m willing to settle for grey
because the problem is
it’s you
and you always change the rules
you break down walls
you make me break my own promises
and you know how to open my heart
so that it goes back to you

And maybe you’ll always be that person
the one I can never say ‘no’ to
that will always have a way with me
that will always make me hope for more
that will always make me smile
and for that reason
I want another chance with you
I want a tenth chance with you
because you make chances look easy
you make chances worth it
and I still believe
that someday we’d get it right
that one of those chances
will finally pay off

Because you’re like me
you’ll say you’ll over me
you’ll say you don’t want me
you’ll say you deserve better
then you see me
and it hits you
that I’m the only one you want
and we go back to where it all started.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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