I’m Not Afraid Of Losing You


Even though you’re scared to lose me, I’m not afraid of losing you.

It’s not indifference but I’m confident I’ll always do what I can to keep you. I’m confident in the ways I will love you, in the countless ways I will keep showing you how much you mean to me and in the little things I’ll always remember to do to make you feel loved, appreciated and understood.

And maybe some days I won’t know how to do all that but I know I’ll find ways to make it up to you.

I’ll only be afraid of losing you if I know I’m not doing enough to keep you and that will never be the case with you.

I’ll only be afraid of losing you if I know that I have so much more to give but I’m holding back, and I promise to give you everything and maybe a little bit more and I promise to love you with all I’ve got.

Because here’s the thing about living with no regrets, you have to dedicate yourself to each experience and hold on to it like it’s your last, so when you look back, you can say that you tried your hardest and gave your all and you wouldn’t change a thing.

And I guess I’m not afraid of losing you because when I think about loss, I think you only lose what you never had or what you didn’t appreciate and as long as you give me the chance, you’ll always have me and as long as we’re together, I’ll always appreciate you.

I’ve lost someone before because of what I failed to see, because of what I failed to love but I learned my lesson now. I learned that if you don’t try to love someone while you have them, they’ll look for someone else to love them — someone else to hold them delicately and take care of them.

And maybe that’s why you’re afraid of losing me, because deep inside you know that you won’t be able to love me the way you should, you know you won’t be able to hold me the way I need to be held.

But I’ve learned that you are always faced with the possibility of losing someone you love or care about and if you let that stop you from being with someone, you’ll always be alone.

You’ll always wonder what it’s like on the other side of fear and let me tell you now that it’s beautiful, confusing at times, but soothing, complicated sometimes, but heartwarming and most of all, it’s life-changing.

So let me reassure you that if you’re afraid of losing me, you won’t, but if you’re afraid of loving me, then that’s something I really can’t help you with.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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