I Used To Fear Long Distance Until I Met You 

 Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

I used to fear long distance, I used to think it’s the best way to lose someone you love and I used to think it’s hell on earth because you get to live every moment away from that person.

But I’d rather live away from you than live without you. I’d rather settle for facetime and skype instead of not talking to you at all.

Because I realized that distance was never the problem, it was always the person. The person who was afraid to do it because it means it will limit their possibilities, the person who didn’t want to commit to calling or visiting often and the person who used distance as an excuse to get out of commitment altogether.

But there so many ways now to make long distance a little easier and so many ways to know and love a person even if they live in another continent. At the end of the day, you still hear their voice every day, you still see their face every night, you still get to be a part of their daily life and you can still lean on them when things get hard.

Distance shouldn’t take away someone unless we decide that we don’t want them in our lives, because people live in us whether they’re physically here or somewhere else.

And I’d rather stay home talking to you on the phone than spend the night in the arms of someone else.

Because nowadays, you can’t even build a connection with someone in the same zip code, nowadays you can touch people and not feel them, nowadays you can make love to people and not love them.

And even though you’re far away, I can still feel you closer than anyone here.

And this made me realize that distance is not something to be feared, it’s something to be cherished, it’s something to be appreciated and it’s a bridge that could lead to a beautiful destination. It’s a bridge that could lead to us.

And when it comes to us, I’m willing to cross any bridge or climb any mountain.

When it comes to us, I can promise you I’ll make the distance seem shorter and I’ll make the night feel warmer, that you will never have to sleep without a smile on your face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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