Let’s Keep Pretending That We Don’t Miss Each Other

 Ines Perkovic
Ines Perkovic

Let’s keep pretending that I don’t care
And you don’t miss me
That I don’t need you
And you don’t want me
Let’s keep hiding behind our lies
Let’s keep pretending that we’re okay
That we’re so independent and happy
Let’s keep posting happy pictures
To make each other jealous
To tell one another that we’re happy
That life is better when we’re apart
That we’re alive and kicking
Let’s keep pretending that we’re not lonely
That you don’t sleep at night
Wishing I still cared
That I don’t dream of you
And the touch of your hand
That you don’t hold your phone
Thinking of texting me
That I don’t hold my phone
Thinking of calling you
Let’s keep pretending that we’ve moved on
That you’re not trying to find me in someone else
That I’m not trying to forget you with someone else
That you don’t compare her to me
And I don’t wish he was with you
Let’s keep living a lie
Hoping to turn it into reality.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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