I Hope Karma Is Not Too Hard On You


I hope karma doesn’t remember all the hearts you’ve broken and the people you lied to. I hope karma doesn’t keep track of every single person you managed to deceive with your smile or mislead with your words.

I hope karma forgets all the promises you’ve broken and all the times you gave people temporary happiness only to leave them with permanent pain. I hope karma doesn’t see all the wounds you sliced open and all the scars you left. 

I hope karma doesn’t get you for all the tears you’ve caused, I hope karma doesn’t drown you in its river of regrets.

I hope karma gives you a taste of loneliness; for all the nights you made people feel alone because you weren’t there.

I hope karma leaves you with some confusion; for all the days you left people wondering if you care, if you were going to call or if you ever meant what you said.

I hope karma creeps up on you sometimes and makes you doubt yourself; for all the times you made people question their self-worth, for the times you destroyed their self-esteem and for the times you made them feel unworthy of your attention.

But more than anything, I hope karma reminds you that you can’t get away with this game forever, I hope you stumble upon someone who does to you the same things you did to others. I hope one day karma brings you someone who will make you happy briefly, but then make it rain every time the sun is out.

See, I want karma to give you a taste of your own medicine but not the full dose. Because if you take the full dose, it will numb you, it will permeate every inch of your body and you wouldn’t feel a thing. But when karma visits you in doses; it’s more effective because it keeps reminding you of all the things you’ve done that you thought will never be done to you.

Karma works better when it’s centered, when it’s focused, karma works better when it knocks on your door in the middle of a good working day or when you’re about to rest your head on the pillow.

I hope karma visits you as a ghost of everyone you’ve ever hurt and everyone you didn’t confront.

I hope karma doesn’t destroy all of you, I hope it destroys you piece by piece so you can feel the excruciating pain of each piece and remember who this piece belongs to.

I hope karma seals the deal for all your unfinished business because you have no idea how much these people invested in you and were left with nothing but emptiness.

I hope karma makes you realize that it’s you – not them. I hope karma finally teaches you that you’re not bigger or better than she is. I hope karma shows you how much of a bitch she can be.

Honestly, I only hope you get the karma you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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