How You Approach Love, Based On Your Element

 Hugo Coelho
Hugo Coelho

Air. If your element is air, you’re a dreamer, a profound thinker and you’re searching for this one sensational love. You don’t settle for anything in life and like air you’re always changing to become perfect and find the perfect person for you. You’re probably a little bit unpredictable when it comes to love and that’s mainly because you’re always searching for something more or for a Utopian kind of love. However, when you find the person who can finally calm your storms, you’re extremely loyal, giving and loving (maybe too romantic at times) but you can really sail against the wind for the one you love. Like air, you will breathe new life into your partner’s world.

Fire. If your element is fire, you’re emotional, impulsive, driven and adventurous. You’re searching for an exciting love that’s full of spontaneity and surprises and you will not settle for a boring or predictable love. You look for people who can bring out the fiery side of you so you can be content in your relationship. Once you find the person who makes your days brighter, there is nothing you wouldn’t do. You will sacrifice a lot for your partner and will do whatever it takes to make sure that he/she is happy and safe. You’re very protective and strong and you like taking exceptional care of whoever you’re with. Like fire, you will always add a spark to your partner’s life.

Water. If you’re element is water, you’re passionate, understanding and intuitive. Your magnetic nature leaves many people drawn to you because of how you make them feel. You look for people who are as passionate as you are and you don’t like clingy partners, you’re very independent and you look for those who can have their own lives away from you, however, you’re also a hopeless romantic and you’re looking for a love that can sweep you off your feet. You’re the kind of person who would take your partner on a trip to Paris just to tell them how much you love them. You’re very generous, caring, giving and will play a big part in making your partner’s life better. Like water, you have a tendency to heal your partner.

Earth. If your element is earth, you’re stable, strong and honest. You know what you want or who you want and you’re not afraid to go after them. You’re always thinking of the future and you’re looking for someone who you can start a family with and someone who would raise your kids well — someone who feels like home. You look for a secure and mature kind of love. You’re a little bit controlling and possessive by nature so you like to be the leader in your relationships, but that’s only because you’re an excellent leader and you know how to make everyone happy. Like earth, you will always be your partner’s safe haven.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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