All The Reasons Why I Chose You And All The Reasons Why I Left You


This is why I chose you.

I chose you because of the way your words effortlessly completed mine. The way your hands swiftly clasped into mine.

I chose you because it seemed like you never cared about my baggage and yours seemed very light for me to carry.

I chose you because your honesty mesmerized me, you didn’t care what they would say or what they would think but you cared about what I thought, and I always thought you were wonderful.

I chose you because you weren’t into shallow things or materialistic things, you always talked about the deeper things in life, the things that inspired you, which ironically, were the things that inspired me too.

I chose you because you knew about heartbreak and you knew about survival. You knew about loneliness and you knew about darkness but you also knew how to find the light and you knew how to find your way back home.

I chose you because you felt like home. 

I chose you because you made me feel something I haven’t felt in years. You reminded me of the innocence of first love, the passion of college sweethearts and the friendship of an old married couple.

I chose you because you had all what I was looking for and I knew that there is no way I’d look elsewhere when I’m with you.

This is why I left you.

I left you because your words started to contradict themselves and contradict mine and your hands seemed to slowly slip away.

I left you because you seemed like you wanted someone else to carry your baggage and someone else to handle you.

I left you because your honesty started to sound more like lies and you no longer cared to hear the truth. 

I left you because you started showing off, you started caring about how many likes you’re going to get and how many people you can impress and you forgot about what truly matters or who truly matters.

I left you because you turned into a cold and heartless person; you turned from being the heartbroken to being the heart breaker and you started filling your silence with noise I didn’t want to hear.

I left you because I could slowly see you becoming the person I didn’t want you to be and the person you promised you’d never be.

I left you because I started to wonder if someone out there is better for me, if I deserve better than this, if I am worth more than this.

I left you because I valued myself more than you valued me.

I chose you because I thought you were different and I left you because you turned out to be just like everyone else.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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