10 Signs It’s Time To Let Someone Go  


1. They’re inconsistent. One day they want to see you, one day they don’t, one day they act like they’re into you, one day they don’t – one of the major signs of someone who is invested in you is consistency, without it, you will never have a foundation to build a connection on or bond deeply with each other.

2. They’re not doing any extra effort. Effort and consistency go hand in hand. If the person you’re talking to has never gone out of their way for you or made a noticeable effort to spend time with you, then they’re just hanging out with you whenever it’s convenient for them; not for you.

3. They always have excuses. Like work, or family commitments, or being too tired. We all have work and commitments but we still make time for the people we want to see; even if we’re exhausted because seeing them would make us feel better. These are not good enough reasons why someone shouldn’t see you.

4. They make you doubt yourself. This should be the biggest red flag for you. If you don’t know where you stand, or you’re confused and wondering if you mean anything to that person, then it’s a warning sign that this person isn’t giving you the reassurance and satisfaction you need because they’re probably not sure about you or talking to someone else.

5. You have more questions than answers. You don’t know many things about that person, you don’t know any intimate details about them or their life simply because they chose not to share too many details with you. If you feel like you’re being treated more like a friend than someone they like, then it’s time to let go especially if they’re not trying to know more about you.

6. You don’t think your absence will affect them. Neither will your presence. If something tells you they’ll be fine with or without you, then you’re not very special to them and they probably won’t fight for you. It’s better to walk away from these situations and find someone who values you.

7. They remind you of your exes. Or they’re following the same pattern somehow. If you find yourself in the same situations you were in or liking someone who resembles someone you used to date, it could be that you’re into the wrong type of people who won’t be able to give you what you want.

8. They don’t show their support. They don’t show up to your events, they don’t ask about the big presentation you had at work or the project you were working on. They’re simply not paying attention to what’s going on in your life and they’re not trying to.

9. They lie to you. About their current dating situation, about their future, about their upcoming plans. If they keep everything vague and tell you last minute, it’s a sign they might be hiding more from you, or a sign that they don’t care.

10. They haven’t said or done anything to keep you. At the end of the day, when someone wants you in their lives, they will do more or say more to show you that they care and that they’re happy you’re in their lives. If you keep analyzing and trying to find bits and pieces of effort or words they said to hold on to, you’ll end up getting disappointed because they will keep getting away with minimal effort and you will always be expecting more.

Let them go and find someone who knows how to love and keep someone like you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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