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You don’t deserve random texts every now and then.

You deserve beautiful long messages that can’t be sent to anyone else because it describes all the little bits of you, the beautiful details people fail to notice and the little specifics that you fail to notice about yourself. You deserve words that warm you when it’s cold and heal you when you’re tired. You deserve words that make you smile every day and words that remind you of your value, of how deeply loved and cherished you are and you deserve words that make you believe in love and in yourself.

You don’t deserve casual dates ‘catching up.’

You deserve long uncensored conversations about whatever is on your mind and you deserve to be taken on all the dates you really desire. You deserve dates that actually mean something to you instead of catching up over coffee or hanging out at the bar. You deserve someone who wants to do everything with you and someone who is not afraid of showing you off in front of their friends or give you the label you want. You deserve a relationship and you deserve commitment.

You don’t deserve love that is only expressed with likes and snapchats.

You deserve love that is real, that goes beyond double taps and likes and emojis. You deserve a sensational kind of love that soothes your heart and calms your mind. A love that doesn’t leave you guessing or questioning or wondering, a love that doesn’t make you doubt if your partner might leave you. You deserve to sleep every night certain that there is no one else but you, that you are the only one and that you will never be replaced. You deserve a love that keeps you up at night because of how spectacular and magical it is not because of how unsteady and blurred it is.

You don’t deserve to be half-loved.

You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly. You deserve someone who is willing to fight for you, someone who doesn’t use lame excuses for their lack of attention or someone who is always too busy to make time for you. You deserve to be someone’s time, someone’s treasure, someone’s reason to believe in something, someone’s reason to tear down all the walls they built against love and someone who is not afraid of getting closer.

You don’t deserve someone who’s unsure of their feelings.

You don’t deserve someone who is confused about you or someone who thinks the timing is not right or thinks they’re not ready for something serious. You deserve someone who keeps coming back for more, someone who can’t help but be ready for you, someone who can’t help but fall madly in love with you and who only loves you more as time goes by and someone who makes you realize that love is not always torture – that love can be magicThought Catalog Logo Mark

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