This Is How You Give Up On Love

 Millie Clinton
Millie Clinton

You tell yourself that it doesn’t exist anymore, that people don’t know how to love anymore, that everyone is more interested in hooking up than getting to know you and that you are destined to be alone.

You date the ones who treat you poorly and then say they’re all the same, they all walk away, they all only want the game or the chase and you continue dating all the wrong ones to prove your point.

You don’t open your heart to anyone anymore because the last time you did it got broken and you don’t want to go through the same kind of pain again, so you assume that everyone you meet is going to hurt you and you end it before it even begins.

You don’t get over the ones who hurt you, you still think about them, you wonder if they’ll ever come back, you wonder if maybe your fates will collide again and give it another shot, so you stay hung up on the idea that they might still be right for you and you keep waiting for something that may or may not happen.

You give chances to the wrong ones; the ones who already had their chance because part of you wants to believe they changed and part of you wants to be the reason why they did. So you give your heart to them again and they break it again and then you’re left wondering how you got fooled twice by the same person and you start closing your heart even more.

You think that there is no one out there who can love you because it’s always the ones you don’t want who want you, and the ones you want walk away.

You talk to someone for a few months but you don’t tell them how you feel because you’re afraid of rejection, so you either let your feelings torment you or watch it all fizzle out with no closure.

You believe you can be with someone who is wrong for you because you can change them and you can fix them and then you end up breaking yourself even more as they remain unfixable.

You give up on love by expecting it to be handed it to you and expecting to be easy and expecting it to be pain-free.

You give up on love by not trying, not opening your heart again after heartbreak and not trusting anyone you see because of your history.

You give up on love when you think you’re unworthy of it.

You give up on love when you stop believing in it, when you stop loving with all your heart and when you let your mind or society or the world guide you.

You give up on love the day you stop listening your heart and who it beats for.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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