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If This Is The End Of Our Story, Then I Want You To Know That You Are My Favorite Chapter

I don’t always believe that timing should be a barrier in moving a relationship forward, sure it makes it harder but it doesn’t make it impossible, but I’m also a firm believer that things have a way of falling into place, of happening naturally and I’m a firm believer that if something is meant to happen, then against all odds, it will happen. So if our story does not end here, I hope I’m still the same when you’re back.

I hope it will still be easy to talk to you about everything and nothing, I hope I can still find depth and meaning in our most random conversations and I hope I can still feel the same comfort and ease of sharing things with you and I hope you can still be yourself around me; relaxed, happy and calm. I hope I can still calm you down when everything else is so overwhelming.

I hope I don’t lose an inch of respect for you, I hope I can still admire your qualities whether you’re near or far and I hope I can still go to you for advice and I hope you still care.

I hope that when we meet again, we can still look at each other the way we did before timing and distance got in the way and I hope that this time apart made us realize how much we mean to each other. I hope our story is not like all other short stories, I hope our story is long, full of plot twists, surprises, lessons and I hope our story has a happy ending.

I hope we can look back at this time as an intermission not an ending, as a cliffhanger not the end of a show and I hope we’re meant to go our separate ways so we can reunite again rather than drift apart.

But if this is the end of the story; if this is all it will ever be, then I hope when we meet again, we’re both happy, I hope we can still wish the best for each other because we both know how much we struggled to find meaning, to find love and to find ourselves.

If I see you again and I don’t feel a thing, I hope there’s no bitterness, no resentment and no sadness. I hope we can be a reminder of how God sometimes brings two people together to heal each other and once they’re healed, they need to fly apart.

That healing is not the same thing as loving. That sometimes other people heal you so other people can love you.

If this is the end of our story, then I want you to know that you are my favorite chapter, the chapter I will go back and read when I want to smile and the chapter I will go back and read when the story gets boring and I hope I’m your favorite chapter too.

If we are not each other’s happy ending, I hope we’re the chapter that led to it and I hope we are the reason why we started believing in happy endings again.

But if we are, then I hope we’re both still on the same page when we meet again, that we can pick up exactly where we left off and keep writing the rest of our story together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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