I Want Your Love Only If It’s Kind


I want someone who’s kind enough to give me the same love I give him, kind to open his heart to me the same way I open my heart to him and kind enough not to break my heart.

I want someone who’s afraid of losing me, who can’t sleep at night when I’m upset and someone who cares about keeping me in his life just as much as I care about keeping him in mine.

I want someone who forgives me for the little things that I forget, and the stupid things that I say and the silly things that I do, and I want someone to help me forgive myself for all the things I blamed myself for.

I want someone who looks at me with kindness in his eyes, the kindness of someone who loves too much, the kindness of someone who is not stingy with his feelings and the kindness of someone who can’t hurt the one he loves.

Because kindness helps you love purely, helps you give without hesitation, helps you accept and even admire the imperfections and kindness can change lives.

Kindness wins.

My parents always told me to look for the man who can love me kindly and I never understood what that meant until today, when most men are looking out for themselves, when most men don’t care about breaking hearts or playing games, when most men are cold and indifferent and they move on at the drop of a hat and when most men expect kindness but they don’t want to give it back.

And I want someone to remind me how to be kind, to remind me that giving too much is not stupid, that sharing your feelings is not weakness, and seeing the best in people is not naive. I want someone to tenderly and kindly give me their heart and lovingly guard mine.

Kindness is a choice, we can all be kind if we want to, but disappointments and heartbreak make us all a little bit harder, but this is why some people are stronger than others because they never let the world eat away their kindness.

Being kind is being strong.

Because kindness makes love richer, it takes away the ego, the neglect, the games and the resentment and replaces them with understanding, compassion, forgiveness and tenderness.

If the only way to find love is to act indifferent, cold and unfazed by it, then I don’t want it. And if love is not kind and generous to a fault, then it’s not really love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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